3 Links That’ll Make You a Coffee Snob

Question: What exactly does it take to create a coffee snob? Answer: How do we count the ways? The first idea that might leap nimbly into your mind is flavor. The taste, aroma and mouth feel of your java is what keeps you coming back for more day after day. Specialty and boutique premium coffees cater to the incessant quest for the ultimate in coffee flavor. There are coffee aficionados who swear by a particular method of coffee roasting and others who champion one method, such as French press or pour over techniques.

We’ve unearthed three web sites that cater to the coffee connoisseur and are perfect digital companions for your coffee explorations. Coffee Crossroads is a site devoted to everything coffee. This site provides interesting and educational info about coffee, with a little fun thrown in. Here you can learn the best way to roast, store and grind your favorite premium coffee, read reviews of the latest brands and even find out which of the latest coffee-related books are worth a read.

Serious Eats is a site devoted to the gourmand, whether it involves food or beverages. Learn here how to make the perfect pour over coffee by following the simple steps and understanding the science behind how to pour, when to pour and what your coffee grinding technique adds to the final product. Learn how coffee is processed around the world and what that means for your favorite cup of Joe. Since this is an epicurean site, be prepared to find some foodie ways to enjoy your favorite bean too. For example, the recipe for Vegan Chocolate-Coffee Muffins combines two of the most delectable substances into one moist, heavenly treat.

How do you determine the optimal grind for your coffee? Which is better, a burr grinder or a blade grinder? Gourmet Coffee Lovers has the answers. Depending on whether you want a rich, dark cup of espresso or a fancy premium coffee drink, the grind is one of the factors in the art of preparing the best cup of coffee. This site makes a great ‘Coffee 101’ starting place for those new to the divine beverage and provides detailed information for the gourmand as well.

If you must be snobby about something, it might as well be about your daily pick-me-up, comforter and taste diversion. Whether it’s coffee roasting, grinding or brewing, these links will take you to a wealth of information about your favorite brew!